Koltz Wines 2015 Autumn wine offer

It’s nearly May and another vintage has finished and thankfully it has been a good one. Grape quantities were small here in McLaren Vale but quality was exceptional.

Now that the rush of vintage is over we have the opportunity to release some new vintages with the 2013 Koltz Wizard, 2013 Koltz DogDay Sangiovese and the 2014 Koltz DogDay Shiraz now available.

As well we will have the 2013 Koltz Pagan and 2014 Koltz Shiraz available in late July.

Here at Blewitt Springs, on the escarpment above McLaren Vale the weather has certainly turned to Autumn with the vines showing their Autumn colours.  It’s a great time of year to think about hearty meals and excellent wines to accompany them.

In keeping with the season we are offering some excellent deals on recent vintages for those cold nights that are to come.

This offer is made up of two separate offers but you can mix and match if you wish as long as you end up with dozen quantities.

Offer 1  $200 per dozen
6 x bottles 2014 Koltz DogDay Shiraz
6 x bottles 2013 Koltz DogDay Sangiovese

Offer 2 $200 per dozen
12 x bottles 2011 Koltz The Etruscan

Click here to go to our Autumn Wine Offer Order Form

Remember you can mix and match any wines in your dozen, simply by altering the Order Form.  If you want to try some of our other wines as well give me a call (0416034043) or email to organize your purchase.

Mark Day


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