Koltz Wine Releases

Hello to all.

We are pleased to announce the release of wines from our 2017 and 2018 vintages. The 2017 Koltz Pagan and 2017 Koltz Wizard are now available as well as the 2018 DogDay Shiraz.

2017 was a pleasing vintage for both Koltz Pagan and Koltz Wizard with good crops that produced wines which are both elegant, flavoursome and in excellent balance.

2018 was a bigger year in Blewitt Springs. The 2018 DogDay Shiraz is 100% Blewitt Springs and is a full bodied, easy drinking wine.

For this release our prices will remain the same as previously, and as usual we offer a 10% discount on orders of a dozen or more. We are happy for you to mix the 3 wines as you wish.

You can download our order form with this link or email me to have one sent to you.

We have made a decision to concentrate on the Koltz Pagan and Koltz Wizard wines in the future, as these are the ones that we are best known for, and that we enjoy making most. As such, this will be the last Koltz DogDay Shiraz to be produced.  Also, there will be a 2019 Koltz Wizard but not a 2018.

Mark Day

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