2018 Koltz The Pagan Release – All good things come to an end.

We are happy to release the 2018 Pagan, which will be the second last Pagan with 2019 Pagan being the last.

I have decided to retire and production ceased at the end of the 2019 vintage. I have enjoyed every aspect of my career making wine and the experiences it has allowed me and I have greatly enjoyed my interactions with my customers. I would like to say thank you very much to you for supporting Koltz Wines over the years.

We began producing The Pagan in 2003 and over that time we have endeavoured to produced a wine with consistent quality and character, a point of difference, a homage to the great Amarones of Valpolicella and a wine which is reasonably affordable, albeit not a cheap wine.

The Pagan has, however, evolved over time and the more recent vintages have been a little more elegant and subtle than the early vintages. In saying that, the 2018 and 2019 swing back a little to the earlier days.

 We have limited stock of both vintages. We are releasing the 2018 Koltz Pagan now and we will release the 2019 Pagan in March next year .

We will be donating 50% of the total mail order sales of the 2019 vintage to Animals Asia, a fantastic charity that we have had the privilege to be associated with for the last 15 years.

To order please simply email me at koltz@sa.chariot.net.au with your delivery details or use the order form that can be downloaded from our ordering page.

Please note that we no longer have credit card facility so payment is by EFT.

All the best.

Mark Day

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