The Pagan

 The Pagan Shiraz is the flagship wine for Koltz and also represents our philosophy of making handmade wines which are complex and a pleasure to drink. The Pagan is made from shiraz grapes grown on our Blewitt Springs vineyard, in the coolest, most elevated parts of McLaren Vale. The grapes are hand-picked into drying trays and taken to the winery where they are dried for 6 to 7 weeks. They are then sorted and crushed into small open fermenters where they slowly ferment and are hand plunged for 3 weeks before being basket pressed. The new wine continues to ferment for many months in oak and in total spends two years in oak before being  bottled.

These processes are used in several regions of Italy, but in particular the amarone wines of Valpolicella use this method to make their complex and intriguing wines.  The Pagan and The Wizard are made with the same motivation and to produce interesting wines with a different interpretation of shiraz.

Shiraz grapes for The Pagan hand-picked into racks ready for drying in the winery

Shiraz grapes for The Pagan hand-picked into racks ready for drying in the winery

What we are trying to achieve with The Pagan is a complex wine with layers of flavour, fine structure and persistence. The Pagan is a big wine yet displays elegance and finesse. The Italians describe this style of wine as meditation wine, wine worth thinking about and wine to have while thinking.

Great with rich and flavoursome food, big steaks or pasta but comes into its own with Gorgonzola cheese.

Draining the wine press

The Pagan Crush.
Draining the wine press


4 thoughts on “The Pagan

  1. I discovered it way back with the 2004 vintage, and it was the most delicious shiraz I had ever tasted. Have tasted every vintage since then..that I could get my hands on..and I still think the same. My friends don’t believe me.. until I open one.

  2. We tried this wine for the first time at Aria restaurant in Sydney in 2012 and fell in love with it. When we got home to Perth we ordered a dozen, 2 years later still ordering this amazing flavoured wine.

  3. I tasted this wine for the first time in an Italian restaurant in Adelaide….. what a glorious wine… cant wait to get my hands on some more!!

  4. This wine is without a doubt the best Shiraz style that I have ever tasted, considering that I live in Adelaide and have access to many of the finest wine regions in what I consider to be the world – big call but worthy – I do have the opportunity to try quite a few.
    I did bring out the 2010 vintage recently for some friends over dinner, and they too were extremely impressed. Well done Mark on such a fine experience
    This will make an exceptional addition to my cellar, and brought out for special friends that do appreciate a fine drop.

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