Wine Reviews

Here are a few recent Wine Reviews of the Koltz and Eccolo range from various sources. Hope they entice you to try our range.

Mark Day

2015 Koltz “The Pagan”
Reviewed by Winefront scoring a 95. See the review here

2016 Koltz “Wizard”
See the Winefront review here

2014 Koltz “The Pagan”
Reviewed by Gavin Scarman on his “More Sir” website. Rated as Excellent +++. See the full article here

Philip White reviewed the 2012 The Pagan, on INDAILY Food and Wine digest (as below)  and reviewed the Eccolo range on Drinkster. (Read the review with this link )

 2012  The Pagan
$50; 15.5% alcohol; Diam cork; 93+++ points
“The grapes for the 2012 Pagan were picked late February and dried on racks inside the winery for seven weeks and then crushed and fermented for 15 days before being lightly pressed. The wine was aged in French oak for 22 months before being bottled.”

That’s winemaker Mark Day’s summary of what happened in this soulful glass. It’s unfair to compare this to the above 2013 wine, but it serves to make a point. This one grew in the upland shade of Blewett Springs, where it’s all sand and ironstone. Its Amarone winemaking technique extends the gap the contrasting vintages and terroirs have provided. The wines are chalk and cheese. And this cheese is the gorgonzola with the worms in it. It’s the opposite of teflon. Fine white pepper gives a topnote, below that it’s all panforte, with blanched almond, date, raisin and fig all smug and comfy. It’s silky of texture, with all those aromas continuing smoothly through as flavours. It has the quaint autumnal air typical of these dried-grape wines, and given all that deliberately extended manipulated ripening as raisins on racks, its acid is surprisingly firm and harmonious.

And what would I eat with this? Panforte. On the verandah. Real slow.



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